Who We Are


We are metalworking craftsmen and craftswomen.

We are engineers, designers, machine builders, machinists, and creative thinkers.

Through our Specialty Manufacturing division, we are proud to be a leader in American-made, custom manufacturing.

We are passionate about home construction and helping professional contractors grow their businesses.

We are proud to support contractors, homeowners, gutter installers, roofers and home supply distributors through our Building Products division.

Specialty Design & Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a 3rd generation family-owned business dedicated to domestic, custom manufacturing. We were founded in 1967 as an engineering design and consulting firm by Albert Knabb. Since Al’s first manufacturing orders to build custom equipment and tooling, Specialty Design has experienced steady growth and transformation. Our plant has expanded 5 times and now encompasses 2 locations and 60,000 square feet. Our Building Products and Machine Shop teams serve their respective customers in broad, extraordinary ways, with great professionalism.

Specialty Design is more than our name. “Specialty” is the heart of our ethos. Specialty manufacturing. Specialty gutter systems. And especially Specialty customer support.

Give us a call today at 800-720-0867. We are excited to help you meet your Specialty needs.