Pipe Clip

Our sturdy pipe clips are an effective way to secure gutter downspout to your building. The clips fasten your downspout easily and firmly against the building, while also appearing behind the pipe and mostly invisible from the ground. Specialty's pipe clips are available in all our available 21 colors in aluminum coil stock, so each clip will match your downspout to the tee. We also make pipe clips on our factory floor – we can serve homeowners and large distributors alike with fast turnaround. Bring in your own aluminum coil if you'd like; we're happy to help you stamp out custom pipe clips for your custom gutter installation job.
* Clips available for downspout sizes of 2 x 3″ and 3 x 4″
* All 21 colors available
* Copper pipe clips available for special orders

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.019″ Aluminum, Copper


2 x 3, 3 x 4

SKU 400801