fascia board


Specialty’s aluminum fascia will provide an attractive, durable edge to the roof around your home. Easy to install and maintain – where wood is prone to rotting, our .024 gauge aluminum fascia board will withstand storms, pests and let you skip the bi-annual paint repair! Our fascia was designed and engineered in-house, and we continue to make our fascia here on the premises. Just call in with an order for custom lengths and we’ll have your special order prepared for delivery or pick-up.

* All fascia available in 12 ft standard lengths
* Custom lengths available with special order request
* Fascia is available in 6″ and 8″ widths, each with our 3 groove profile
* Available in the following colors: Eggshell, Wicker, Green, Dark Gray, Almond, Sandcastle, Musket Brown, Clay, Dark Bronze and Royal Brown

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.024″ Aluminum