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Consider Specialty Design a full-service manufacturing extension of your business.


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A Manufacturer You Can Trust
Quality, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism. You can expect all this and more in working with Specialty Design as your contract manufacturing partner. Starting with product design, and finishing with packaging and shipping your products to end users, we can manage the whole process and everything in-between. We excel at making and processing your product, allowing you to excel at your core competencies and growing your business.

How We Can Help
We are craftsmen and craftswomen who have a passion for design and making great products. Fortune 500 manufacturers and new product startups alike have entrusted Specialty Design since 1967 with managing their products through the whole supply chain. Here are ways our contact manufacturing services can help you too:
  • Assure product components are USA-made
  • Tooling + maintenance savings = Lower unit costs
  • Increase working capital w/ just in time inventory support
  • Access to SDM’s network of world class suppliers
  • Lean on SDM for material handling and logistics support
  • In-house engineering and quality assurance support
  • Flexible, rapid lead times to meet your needs
Fully Equipped and Experienced
By leaning on Specialty for full product fulfillment, rest assured that you’re in good hands. We are vertically integrated with our own engineering staff, our own full-service machine shop, precision machining capabilities, a custom tool and die shop, fab shop, assembly shop, and collective experience managing 20,000+ past custom jobs for 75+ industries. We are experienced, equipped and ready to help. Learn more about SDM’s overall capabilities.