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In-House Equipment to Meet Your Needs
Specialty Design is equipped to provide a tremendously wide range of manufacturing processes, all under one roof. Whether you have precise medical or military specifications to maintain, or a project requiring a 2-story tall weldment, we have the machines, facility and staff to help fulfill your needs.

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Decades of Manufacturing Experience
40+ years of machining and engineering experience. 75+ industries served. 20,000+ custom manufacturing orders to-date. A 50,000 square foot facility with the equipment needed to get the job done right. Specialty Design has the vast experience and broad capabilities to become a single source for all your specialty manufacturing needs.
Multi Axis CNC Machining
Our 4 Axis CNC Mills and Lathes enable us to process your parts with accuracy, quality and speed in mind. If your parts require high precision machining, our computer aided manufacturing programming and equipment enable us to meet your tight tolerances. If large fabrications are required, our machining centers have the large work areas and horsepower to cut chips with authority.
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Wire EDM Machining
SDM’s Mitsubishi and Charmilles wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) centers allow us to produce complex shapes from the most hardened materials available in metalworking. Our Wire EDM equipment can support projects for all industries – especially military, aerospace and medical equipment applications.
Custom Fixture Specialist
SDM originally got its start in 1967 building custom fixtures. Decades later, Fortune 500 manufacturers still turn to us for weld fixtures, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures and any applications where rapid, consistent setups are required. We design and build special fixtures and jigs that will help you dramatically reduce labor costs and increase output.
Custom Tool and Die Shop
SDM provides manufacturers with custom tooling that is well designed, durable and user friendly. Our Wire EDM and precision machining capabilities provide our toolmakers a unique advantage in tool and die construction. SDM’s tool shop provides customers with ongoing die maintenance, repair and stamping services.
Fabrication Services
We are a uniquely qualified custom fabricator, supported by our engineering staff and full-service machine shop. Specialty Design has the industrial cranes, saws, paint, surface finishing equipment and proprietary fixtures to build world-class fabrications. SDM offers MIG welding, TIG welding and stick welding on our premises. We excel at producing custom mandrels, racks, carts and baskets for our customers, including manufacturing professionals at Fortune 500 companies around the world.
3D Printing
SDM has recently partnered with a local firm to provide industrial-grade 3D printing services for our customers. We utilize a wide range of Stratasys models that can produce parts with remarkable accuracy, and in varying materials. SDM can now help you design and create rapid prototypes for your new product development efforts… or even make customized parts that are fully functional.
Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving
SDM works with a local partner firm to laser cut parts to help meet our clients’ budget. Laser cutting enables high precision and complex cutting of a diverse range of materials, without the need for an investment in special tooling. Laser Engraving is available if necessary, and allows SDM to precisely mark or label parts, on a wide range of materials.
Water Jet Cutting
SDM has partnered with a waterjet cutting firm to help meet our customers’ manufacturing and budget requirements. Waterjet equipment gives us the ability to cut various metals, plastics and other materials with cold water in order to prevent melting or warpage. Waterjet cuts parts within tolerances as tight as +/- .004, thus saving on precision machining operations further down the supply chain.