6 Blogs That Manufacturing Companies Should Read

remarkable manufacturing

Our machine shop staff receives an average of 5-10 manufacturing periodicals a day. I've combed through it all (and I'm sure you have too) and I'll be frank - manufacturing magazines, newsletters, and blogs could use an upgrade. Let's pause the … [Continue reading]

What Is Soffit and Why Is It Important to a House?

soffit diagram

There's a good chance your building has soffit installed. Just walk outside your door and look up at the roof. The material connecting the roof overhang and the side of your building? That's soffit. The word "soffit" is derived from the French … [Continue reading]

Copper Gutters: Cost and How to Choose

half round copper gutter

Copper Gutter -- it's the most elegant and prestigious choice for a rain gutter system available. Hands down. You're likely here because you're considering copper gutter for your own home. You may have heard it's the most expensive option on the … [Continue reading]

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: A Supplier’s View

Extreme Home Makeover

It was just another day at Specialty, but definitely not just another phone call. This one was from a long-time roofing customer. "Would you be interested in supplying the gutter system for... an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house?" "Wow," we … [Continue reading]

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing in USA

You have a great product to take to market, and you're considering outsourcing your manufacturing... in the USA. NOW is the moment to make your products here in the USA. We are enjoying an undisputed renaissance in Made in America manufacturing … [Continue reading]

75+ Manufacturing Industries Served: How We Did It


When you visit our plant here in Reading, PA, you'll see our walls lined with parts and photos from the wide range of manufacturing industries we've served. It's like a "Hall of Fame" of sorts. Hundreds of parts representing a sample of the … [Continue reading]