5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Transform Manufacturing

From Plymouth to Tesla

If you think the rise of the Internet over the past 45 years has been awe-inspiring… buckle up and keep your eyes on the road ahead. The Internet is now merging together with the real world at a meteoric pace and grand scale. You are no doubt familiar with this “marriage” between the Internet and real world.  It's the Internet of Things, or IoT.  It's a whole new revolution that is changing entire industries in countless ways. IoT is not a revolutionary breakthrough that just popped up … [Continue reading]

Remembering Our Founder, Albert S. Knabb

  By Justin Knabb, Vice President Albert S. Knabb, founder of Specialty Design & Manufacturing, passed away on December 19, 2014.  He resided in Fleetwood, PA, and was born on February 24, 1937. Albert was a young, talented and … [Continue reading]

Specialty Design Team Member to Cycle 900 miles in 8 days

Tyler Knabb on his bicycle

As I write this, Tyler Knabb -- a Specialty Design team member and my brother -- is cycling up the Appalachian Mountains of central Pennsylvania. He's on day 3 of an 8 day, 900 mile journey on a "Tour de Pennsylvania" that will take him on a … [Continue reading]

How a Craft Brewery Uses SolidWorks to Make Better Beer

Victory Brewing uses Solidworks CAD

If there was ever a rock solid reason to play hooky from the office, today was the day. Enter: Prism Engineering's SolidWorks 2014 launch event. Keynote speaker? Jordan Sunseri, a head brewer at Victory Brewing Co. Upon receiving Prism's invite … [Continue reading]

Why America’s Skills Gap Matters to YOU


The skills gap matters to you, whether you realize it yet or not. The "gap" is very real here, in our state, and around the country. It's the year 2013, and the truth is: Finding skilled talent is hard. Rosie the Riveter is dead. For many … [Continue reading]

No Roof Left Behind: Supporting a Local Family

no roof left behind

What does having a safe roof mean to you? For many, a roof is simply another part of your home or apartment. It's there to protect us from bad weather. It's there to keep us dry and to keep us safe. But most of the time it seems, it's just... … [Continue reading]